Saturday, October 2, 2010

DAY two- mid day post

Well I just took some ativan for fun.. and am on my second mug of coffee. I am going to straighten my hair, and help paint the deck with ""the family"". How exhillerating.
Apparantly my tanning session yesterday and the day before caught up with me.. my back and bum are red and sore. I don't feel sane enough to pull myself together and walk all the way to the mall to weigh in on my new one-dolar-per-weigh scale that I found there.. I might go later, but more likely tomorrow.
All the highschool kids will be cruising everywhere today because its Saturday, and I hate being out in public anyways, let alone out in public bumping into happy-highschool-teenage-girls.
My menthol cigarettes seem to be soothing my sore throat lol.. sounds terrible but it actually helped, at least for now!   ...The burning hunger that I woke up with has faded away. Hopefully I'll feel something soon, I always get anxious when the hungry feeling fades away even though I know it will come back with avengance soon enough. I am excited to go to sleep tonight because it's day two, and you always feel profficiently weak by night fall. Day three mornings suck, but hopefully I will start to feel the euphoric hunger buzz after the morning nausea tomorrow..  yay!

Alright, time to straighten hair and paint the deck. I actually have something to DO today.. wow!

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