Friday, October 1, 2010

Late night madness

I just came back in from a cigarette out on the deck. I can see the Lions Gate bridge and the ocean from there. It is so gorgeous, but my vision is clouded with plans for tomorrow. I am always planning! Listing, planning, counting.. what is next? what the fuck do you think is next you have no future  
Tomorrow I am going to face the anxiety of the "outside world" and walk to the mall to tan. Vitamin D and fake sunshine will serve me well.. not to mention that I HAVE to go to the GNC at the mall to use the one-dollar-weigh-in scale again.  I am fasting until the 5th of October, tomorrow is day 2.
I love day twos. Day twos are great. You wake up light-headed, and tingly. Day three's and four's are never as fun as day two's.  Day three usually brings morning sickness for me, after I slurp down my acidic coffee on my weak insides they react angrily and I end up slung over the toilet involuntarily purging my morning cup-a-joe.
bummer. It always seems to happen on day threes or fours. However, after I recover from the morning sickness I feel an intense hunger high that you only get after several days of nothing... which makes it all sickly worth it.

Ah there I go again, day dreaming about the empty days ahead.. How pathetic. Most people my age are excited to be going out with their friends to the club or the bar. I'm excited to be throwing up my coffee after not eating for 3 days. oh joy.. what a life.


  1. i have never realized the feeling of day twos. but after reading your blog, you're completely right. i love day twos... and the feeling when you go to bed and wake up the next morning.

  2. yeah definitely! It always seems to have that same twos are my fav :) I love day threes at night, but day two's are great all day longg.. xxo thx for the comment love